Aunt in the AtticAfter teaching music for 10 years and then struggling to find myself, I was encouraged to start over by one of my lovely sisters, and moved to her third story apartment. During this time, her daughter (my niece) was in kindergarten or first grade and was asked as part of a school assignment to tell something interesting about her family. She said she had an aunt in her attic.

While I also grew an affection for the bats that resided on the other side of the ceiling above me, it added to the mystique of being the Aunt in the Attic who liked bats. When I bought my first computer in 1993, the name became attached to my domain name. The gaming world would come to know me as Yahhr (except for the person who took on my character in an online D&D I played when I left and gave away the character...he is still out there using that name). But to my family, I am Auntie Nj, and that is how I like it.

I built this site to be a web designer for people around the country. Now it is just a place to play and learn as I embark on my last years working for ISU Library and consider retirement...and how soon that will happen.