Aunt in the Attic Productions® was born of a computer purchase in 1993.

Living in the third story of my sister''s family, I started learning all I could about computers.  My niece was in grade school at the time and one particular "show and tell" required the students to mention something interesting about their homes.  She described her home and added that she had an aunt that lived in the attic.  So since that was where I got my start in computers, it seemed appropriate to name my business as such.

It hasn''t stopped there.  My day job is 20 years working at the Iowa State University Library where I have received extensive training with database design and programming in Microsoft® Office products such as Excel, Access and SharePoint as well as WAMP and LAMP configured sites.  I have an MSIT degree from Capella University in Minnesota in System Design and Programming. I also have a keen mind for digging into the design of a website to make a unique product for my clients.

Yes, I suppose one could go to one of the big depositories of websites and have a page that looks like everyone else''s. However, my personal touch of can take a lot of the headaches away from trying to build your own site. I pride myself in helping my clients understand the language of website design as well as the parts of building the site that can be frustrating and time consuming:

  • I will work on the technical stuff and train your personnel to do the day to day
  • Show me a sketch of your dream site and see what I can make come to life
  • Are you frustrated with how much you are paying and how little you feel you are getting with a build-it-yourself site?  Let me see where I can save you some money and make your site feel more personal
  • Do you need to collect data from your day-to-day operations and want an efficient way to do so? I can help you do that!

Questions? Use my contact form and let me see what I can do for you.

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