When a potential client comes to your site, what is the first thing you want them to know?

For some, it is a tough question to answer.

For others, it is a 15 minute, passionate oratory about what they want.

It is one of the first questions I ask when planning to work with anyone on their site. I believe that the decision to put yourself out there on the World Wide Web is a personal choice that can have huge ramifications for your business or passion. My goal is to learn about you and your beliefs and make them come alive on the page as much as possible.

My mission is to work with you and help you through the pitfalls, weird lingo, and oddities of the Internet. I will advise you through registrations and setup, train your staff and help you feel as comfortable as possible on your new site, explaining everything as we go.

I believe in lifelong learning and will learn about your passion as I build your site.

Aunt in the Attic Productions® does not discriminate. We are all human and should look out for each other and the land with kindness and compassion. Our sincere hope is that in some small way, we can spread peace and caring, one website at a time.