How do I pick and choose where to advertise using social media?

There are several strategies to getting you rname out there.  Here is a good article on how to use Facebook to improve your SEO ranking:

So, what else would work?  Many people have a Twitter account as well as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flikr, and YouTube. As a consumer and a business owner, it is up to you to find where you feel you can get the most exposure for the clients you want to attract. However, it is hard work to keep up with everything and it takes a lot of dedication and activity to keep your name in the spotlight.

Sometimes the best thing to do is hire a professional to work with you. If you want assistance with your SEO Internet-wide, this is a shameless plug for  Margie Mersky Custom Designs, Inc. Margie is a master at SEO work and will tirelessly work to get you a great ranking. Oh, and she is a master wax carver too and makes some phenominal lost wax casting designs for jewelry.

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