Ha! Over the hill my ass. Whoever said a person is old when they are 65 is crazy. I frequent a senior center in a town nearby and see more activity in those walls than some high schools. These are people who have a "move it or lose it" attitude and it shows in the exercise programs they offer and the patron's demand for them.

I turned 65 about a week ago. It went by with little fanfare or notice. I think my 60th was much more exciting than this one was. I think I received another Medicare mailer and that is about it. No cards except from my honey, cake at this past Sunday's dinner with friends and the candle wouldn't even stay lit. It has been an odd birthday for sure.

I still have the urge to sell it all and hit the road. If the shred fest I had this morning of old tax papers was any indication, I am on the road already.