Heart attacks suck. I know. I had one a week ago. They suck because there is this moment when you think you might have over exerted setting up that tent while camping, and then the next moment you are waking up from passing out, screaming and you don't know why. At least that is what it was like for me.

My symptoms?

  • Heartburn - long intense heartburn over many days. I get heartburn so frequently it didn't occur to me this was it
  • Achy left arm - I have carpal tunnel in that wrist and my arm is frequently achy
  • fullness in my left shoulder - I had neck surgery and frequently have a numb, fullness in my shoulder.

I blacked out before I knew what was happening. I woke screaming. I threw up in the ambulance - lucky they know how to get those barf bags under your chin quickly. I blacked out in the ambulance. They suggested that I had CPR performed during that time. Apparently I blacked out again before they put me out and put a stent in my circumflex artery. Then the shoulder, arm and stomach pain all went away.

No, it is not an elephant on the chest pain...at least not for a woman.